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Hot Hot Heat, June 5, 2007
By Seano (Venice, CA) - See all my reviews on

“Christine Dupree is something of a renaissance woman. Model, actress, stripper, athlete- she's has covered quite a few bases in her time upon the planet. But here's one skill that the readers of Penthouse probably wouldn't have guessed back in Dupree's days as a Pet: the woman can write. And well."

Perhaps no single subject in human history has been as exhaustively covered as sexuality, but Dupree manages to bring new and fresh insights, suggestions, and ideas to the table (and the bedroom, car wash, dressing room, and movie theater) here. From producing your own porn-style photo layout to playing prince and concubine, from making taxi rides and picnic events to remembering to make holidays hot and hedonistic, Dupree has an unmatched knack for finding erotic possibility in even the most mundane events and situations.

The bottom line is this: no pair of lovers could put Dupree's ideas into practice and not find their sex lives enormously enriched. And if more people were having better sex, this world would be a more peaceful place. Plus, her poetry is good.”

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