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Hot Romantic Escapades For Lovers

When Was the last time you had a really exquisite Orgasm?

Are you missing the warmth, intimacy and exhilaration
of a brand new relationship?
Don’t worry! Now listless lovers can easily turn their love life into an exciting paradise of ecstasy with Penthouse Centerfold Christine Dupree’s new book:
Hot Romantic Escapades for Lovers, 69 Fun and Daring Ways to Keep the Thrill Alive. Couples who think they don’t have time or energy to spare will be seduced by the lure of erotica and the challenge of naughty delights.

The book offers 69 scenarios like: Show Me Teacher, Body Surfing By the Sea Shore, & Dressing Room Decadence for you and your lover to experience. They’ll get you past your inhibitions, out of the ordinary, and into some of the most fun, fantastic intimate liasons you’ve ever had, you'll try
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Surprises for Him Surprises for Her Special Occasions



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